Who Knew Boxes Were So Fun?!

Being a stay at home/work at home mom can become super monotonous.  Go to the park once per day, head to the grocery store for whatever singular missing ingredient I may need for dinner, that may or may not be cooked depending on how close to a complete mental breakdown  I am when my husband walks in the door at 5:58.  Actually, the three year old, baby and I meet him in the driveway, me wearing the baby on my front or back, often pacing the length of the driveway to get some FitBit steps in, while C either uses hot pink chalk everywhere but the approved areas or stomps in the grass and grumbles about the lack of puddles.  These little moments are great, and one day I’ll look back on the near daily, near nervous breakdowns and laugh, but sometimes you’ve got to shake things up.

Now that I’m 31 and have three kids, I have become completely immersed in the world of mom.  From my mom ponytail, to my mom gunt, and my mom joy of funny memes showing sassy women saying things we all wish we could say out loud.  But recently I discovered the joy of Beauty and other subscription boxes.  Holy. Shit.  I feel like this void I didn’t even know was there has been binge fed (which, oddly enough has happened while I’m actually working on not binge eating and leading a more active lifestyle).

I subscribed to my first box, Birch Box , because I’m cheap and couldn’t see investing more than $10 for a box of things I may or may not like.  I got 100 points for signing up (enough for $10 worth of product in their store), and waited.  The box came quicker than I expected, but it was still an agonizing wait.  I got to try products I’d have never tried otherwise, loved it, and will continue it for some time.  After I discovered that subscription boxes are awesome, I may have gotten hooked.  Next up was Bulu Box, a weight loss and fitness lifestyle subscription box that only cost $10 per month! Use my link and enter code FANTASTIC to get your second month FREE!! This one included a few herbal supplements, energy drink, and some other goodies, but I’d like to see more exercise accessories and protein snacks.

Prior to receiving my first Birch Box, all of my make-up was 5+ years old and the only cleansing product in my arsenal a bottle of Cetaphil.  Unwrapping that first box got me so excited that I started researching more and found GlossyBox.  At $21 a month, it’s double the price of Birchbox, but promises some deluxe and high end samples. My first box was great, but the only disappointment came from a bottle of nailpolish.  Make-up and skincare I can get down with, hair and nails just aren’t my thing.  I’m expecting my second GlossyBox  any day and look forward to seeing the mix included in the June box.  I’ve subscribed to a few more, but have yet to receive my first boxes.  Those are: ipsy and bluum, plus 1upbox (which we have received one of so far) a gamer/nerd lifestyle sub.

Have you tried any subscription boxes?  What do you think?

Please note that affiliate links are used in posts.  I pay for each subscription personally and referral clicks are appreciated!


One thought on “Who Knew Boxes Were So Fun?!

  1. Boxes are definitely fun! Do some reviews on them and show us what you got too, girl! Share the excitement! So far my personal favorite is https://beautequemonthly.cratejoy.com/
    It’s like a Korean Beauty subscription box service in the US and I just received June’s today and it came with a hand cream in a container that resembles a peach-…literally. Also, http://www.kawaiibox.com is more of a cutesy Japan lifestyle box and Boxycharm is a popular one too. (Although, I haven’t tried Boxycharm yet) Also, when signing up for a subscription, scout for those hot coupons! Helps a lot!


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