Bulu Box- June 2015

Pregnancy does a number on my weight and fitness level every single time.  I’m one of those who chooses to eat her feelings and find excitement in food since I can’t drink or go out to relieve stress.  So here I am, 6.5 months postpartum, still 15 lbs. from my start weight and 50 lbs. from my ideal weight.  When I first heard of Bulu Box, I figured it was worth a shot to see if I could get some help to kickstart me on my path back to wellness.  June is my second month of Bulu Box, and I’m still contemplating whether I will keep the subscription after my initial 3 month period.


This month’s weight loss box contained 5 items, four samples and one full-sized.

UrgentRX Upset Stomach Relief To-Go(sample) ($1.33)- I’m not familiar with these but looks like something awesome to throw in my purse and try out if a tummy ache arises.  I like that they can be taken without water, curious about the taste.

Rescue Pastilles (full size!) ($7.75)- Lots of moms I know swear by Rescue Remedy products; this was my first time trying these.  The texture is that of a thick gummy, with an herbal, lemony taste.  I let one dissolve in my mouth while the baby was clawing my breasts, my 9 year old was making alien noises, and my 3 year old was putting mommy’s make-up all over her face and body.  Do I feel calmer?  Hard to tell.  Is everyone still standing?  Yes.

Movit Energy Gummies- Berry (sample)($1.33)- These energy infused gummies include guarana, CoQ10, folic acid and protein (though the amount I see listed on package is almost negligible to me).  Look like a great idea, but I have to pass on trying them out for now as I’m nursing an infant and monitoring my caffeine intake (aka I already had too much coffee today).


BodyLogix Natural Whey- Dark Chocolate (sample)($1.96)- This product is not currently listed on Bulu Box for whatever reason, but two of their other formulations are.  I’ve never actually had a protein powder, so I was a little reluctant to try it, being that I’m so freaking weird about foods and textures.  But I sucked it up and gave it a shot by adding it to my favorite smoothie combo (Chocolate Peanut Butter and banana).  I used the full packet of powder and omitted the cocoa powder and oatmeal I normally put in.  The texture was great.  Smooth, no grittiness, everything blended in perfectly in my Blendtec.  I didn’t really pick up a lot of dark chocolate flavor, but everything was a little overpowered by banana. I’m not sure that I’d buy this product given the price ($58.99/28 servings), but I didn’t hate it.

Aminolase TPA (sample) ($1.67)- Made by Arthur Andrew Medical, this dietary supplement is said to improve digestion of proteins.  Again, since I’m nursing, I’m just not too comfortable with trying out random supplements so I’ll probably pass this off on one of my fit friends.


Also included this month were pamphlets on a couple of the samples, a card detailing what’s in the box and a card with quick summer circuit exercises.



I like that the back of the content card box has a sample journal so you can record how you felt before/after each product


This month’s box had a total value of $14.04.  For a $10 box, I don’t feel it’s THAT awesome, but it is a good way to try out some products that I wouldn’t otherwise be familiar with.

If you want to try out Bulu Box you can use code FANTASTIC to get your second box free.  Since this works out to $5/box, even at $14.04 value is a good deal and worth a shot!

Each month you also have the opportunity to earn $5 in rewards credits to use at Bulu Box by simply sharing your feedback on the products received.

Please note that affiliate links are used in posts.  I pay for each subscription personally and referral clicks are appreciated!


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