1UpBox- June 2015

So in my discovery that I may have a subscription box problem, I’ve started buying them for my kids.  Because if I’m buying them for them as well, it’s ok, right??  (Say right.  Just agree with me).

1UpBox is the first box I subscribed to for one of my children.  This is our second month receiving it.  1UpBox is a monthly box made for geeks and gamers of all ages.  My little nerd is 9 and when I saw this (and the price) I knew it would fit perfectly for us.


June’s theme is Arcade games and the box did not disappoint!


1UpBox is $12.92 a month plus $6 shipping and handling.  You can use code AWESOME for $3 off your first month.

Each month a double sided card is included which details that month’s theme on one side and the contents of the box on the other.

009 010

My son’s favorite part, and what makes it worth almost $20 a month for me, is that each month includes a limited edition t-shirt that goes along with the month’s theme.  Since this month was Arcade, they made a nice mash-up design that incorporated the classic Street Fighter with Dance Dance Revolution.


Also included was a cute assortment of Arcade themed goodies.


Street Fighter Bobble Budds- Blanka ($11.99)- Other than the t-shirt, my little man was most excited about this.  He even told me, “I’m going to keep this in the package instead of taking it out and ruining it because you never know when the value of something will go up.”  That’s my boy.  I’ve taught him well.


Pac-Man Candy Tin ($5.92?)-  Of course every kid loves candy.  Throw it in a tin shaped like a classic arcade game and who even cares what it tastes like?! (And I don’t know what it tasted like, he ripped it open and ate every single pac-man shaped piece before I could ask for so much as a lick of one side of one).


Spider Man Zipper Pull ($4.99?)- I didn’t quite get the tie-in to arcade games that came from the Spider Man zipper pull, but then again my video game knowledge is limited to the random facts I hear from my 9 year old every day.  According to the included card, “in 1991, Sega came out with a Spider-Man game”.  Cool.  I have a feeling he’ll pass this one off to his little sister, who, according to the day and position of the moon in the sky, sometimes goes by Spider Man (or Batman.  Or Charlie.  Or Tootie).

Arcade Sticker (value?)- This is a high quality, thick sticker.  Pretty sure it went right on one of his many electronic gadgets.

1UpBox June 2015 Pin-  This is only our second month, but I’m assuming they send a new pin each month that displays the month, year and theme.


Space Alien Lanyard ($2.99? I’m making that one up)- I couldn’t find this anywhere, so I’m not sure if it’s a 1UpBox exclusive or what.  Eli wasn’t really sure what a lanyard was or it’s function, but was excited about it nonetheless.  I wish I could get as excited about things as a 9 year old does about video game merch!


Excluding the t-shirt, the total value for things I could find was $25.89.  I’d say this is pretty awesome, since the box often contains exclusives and a t-shirt you can’t get anywhere else.

Have you tried any geek/gamer boxes?  What’s your favorite??


5 thoughts on “1UpBox- June 2015

  1. I have gotten Lootbox before and loved the stuff in it. Splurged this month for the ComicCon box from Wizard World. I tend to. It month by month depending on the theme – will have to add 1UpBox to my watch list!


    1. It’s definitely been a hit here with mine the last two months. Last month’s theme was Sidekicks and came with Adventure Time, Zelda and Yoshi themed stuff. Of all the gamer boxes I’ve seen, this seems most appropriate and relevant to the under 13 crowd.


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