Bluum Box- June 2015

My mail addiction stems beyond just getting things for me…I just love getting things in the mail period.  When I first heard of Bluum Box, it didn’t seem relevant to my family or our lifestyle.  Baby is my third (and last!!) kid, so we have most of what we need and in my 9 yeas of parenting I’ve learned what’s a necessity and what’s not.  Mostly, I’m cheap.  Kids clothes are all hand me downs or from the thrift store.  Toys in our house have been passed from child to child.  And we have a library at home that rivals the one in our town of 1,000.

But I signed up anyway. Because who am I kidding?  It’s fun to get mail and there was a discount code.


We placed our order just in time to get the June box. Bluum lets you customize your information so that they can send the most relevant products for your needs, so each box may be different.  The one we received is for a 7 month old who lunges forward or starts crawling, is sitting up, and stands while holding something.


A card saying that the box was intended for 7 month old Eva was included, but it does not list products or information about them.


This month we received four goodies.

Sticky Bellies Milestone Mementos ($14.00)- I’ve seen the trend of putting a sticker on baby for photos, but this product isn’t really us.  With a retail value of $14, it adds almost half of the box cost in value and I’m not real impressed.  Maybe it’s just me though, because I’d never in a million years spend $14 on 13 stickers.

RePlay Teeth Keys ($5.95)-  Baby snatched these up right away and really enjoys chewing on them.  She has her first two teeth and is working on popping a few more out, so this will work for us as she constantly needs something she can gnaw on.  Small size makes it easier for me to just throw in bag and have on hand while out and about.

Snug by Carol Thompson ($5.99)- I couldn’t find this exact book on their website, but based on other board books listed I’m giving it an ARV of $5.99.  This book is cute.  It uses lots of rhyme and repetition, two things that little growing minds love and learn from.  I always enjoy new books, so we’re excited to add this one to our rotation.

Big girl Charlotte immediately grabbed the book for herself, and Eva was more content on just chewing her new keys.


Brinware Silicone Placemat ($8.49)- These were also not featured on, but from the manufacturer’s webpage, they retail for $16.99 per set of two; this box included one.  I’m thinking this is the item I’m most excited about.  Now that Ms. Eva is all about self feeding, she makes a gigantic mess every time we sit at the table.  I hate extra furniture that only gets used for short periods of time, so we’ve foregone a high chair and instead use a chair that straps to our existing dining room seats.  The mat will allow her plenty of room to eat her food off the table, without me having to come back hours later and try to scrape her food bits that got left behind off.  Because who has time to clean right after eating when you have three kids (if you say you do, shut up.  I don’t care.  Let’s pretend every one is as slack as me)?  The place mat sticks to the table really well, and though we’ve not yet tried it out, I’m betting that she wont be able to lift it and throw it on the floor.  Hopefully the eye popping red and white will also give her something to look at so she can leave me alone in between bites of food.


So this box had a value of $34.43.  Considering it’s a $29 box (with shipping included), I’d say it’s only an adequate return value.  I’m a bit miffed that $14 of that went to stickers, but I’m sure they’ll make a great gift for someone in the future.  I checked my email receipt to see what I paid for this box, and with a coupon code it was only $9.95.  At that price, I’m happy.  At $29, I’m pretty meh.  We’ll stick it out a couple more months and see if the value of items gets any better, or if we’d be better off buying bags of pre-loved toys at the thrift store and mailing them to ourselves.


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