Graze- 8 Snack Variety Box


Food is kind of my thing.  My thing in that I’m more of a “live to eat” than an “eat to live”. Graze is the only food subscription I’ve allowed myself to get hooked on, so far, because they are individually portioned and have the option to be sent lower calorie snacks.  Unfortunately, neither of these keeps me from indulging.  I mean, it’s so easy to peel that clear lid and try each one.


Hoping, as I try more varieties, the temptation to open each one and just try a little as soon as I get the box will go away.  I’m not counting on it.  In the meantime, I have snack loving 3 and 9 year olds to make sure each and every individually portioned container gets eaten.

When I opened this week’s box, I was stoked to see that my absolute favorite Graze snack was included:barbecue sub.  I never knew how good crackers dipped in BBQ relish could be until I popped the top on these bad boys for the first time a couple weeks ago.


The 8 snack variety box comes with two layers of four snacks each, yet it’s still compact enough to fit in my standard sized mailbox.


I got a nice assortment of both savory and sweet snacks, and while I like both offerings, I’ve been super impressed with all of the savory snacks.

Other than the BBQ Sub, my favorites in this box would have to be the Hickory Smoked BBQ Nuts and Honeycomb flapjack.  While delicious, the honeycomb flapjack is pretty calorie dense, so I may opt out of receiving these in future boxes, knowing that I have a hard time resisting the urge to sample every thing. Luckily, they include a nutrition information insert in each box, so you know exactly what you’re getting into when you peel that lid.


 My 3 year old snagged the anytime energizer,triple berry smoothie, and cinnamon bun and asked for more each time.  I managed to get one of the coated almonds in the cinnamon bun mix and it was pretty good.  I’ll make sure to hide that one next go round.

Even in the brutal Florida summer heat, my box arrived mostly unscathed.  The drizzle on my flapjack was a little melty and the yogurt covered sunflowers in the cinnamon bun mix were pretty melted and stuck in a clump on the bottom of the package, but when it tastes this good anyways, does it really matter how it looks?


I’m currently signed up for three more boxes and can’t wait to see (and taste!) those.

Graze is currently offering new subscribers the opportunity to get their first and fifth boxes free!  Click this link to take advantage of that offer and try Grazing for yourself.   Here’s a few gratuitous shots showing different ways I Graze


I Graze while babywearing and nursing.

IMG_5699Graze while driving (but only stop to fiddle with my phone once I’m at my final destination…and my snacks are all gone!)!

Have you tried Graze or any other food subscription boxes?  What’d you think?  What’s your favorite?


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