Rachael Ray magazine July/August 2015

My love for mail stems beyond boxes of goodies.  Since having kids, finding time to sit and read books is impossible, so magazines are the perfect fill-in!  My long time favorite finance forum and cash back website, FatWallet, was recently offering an incredible cashback sale on magazines at Amazon.  A whopping 25% cashback!  I’ve been meaning to order the kids subscriptions to Cricket media publications and this deal made it totally worth it.

If you’ve ever ordered magazines, you know it takes weeks and weeks for that first issue to arrive.  Waiting is hard!   That’s one reason I was so stoked to see the July/August issue of Rachael Ray Magazine in my mailbox a few days ago.


The featured article of the month was on camping…and this inspired me to plan my family’s first ever camping adventure with approximately 4 days notice.  Yikes!! I’m working on chronicling that adventure over at Mama Catie, but let’s just say that after a couple of days of preparations, I’m worried I’ll be too pooped to have fun!  Just kidding, my kids won’t let me NOT have fun.


Being a mail lover, I was also excited to see the article on state specific mail order foods.  Yum! As a native Mississippian and hater of creamy white condiments, I was less than stoked to see the official selection for Mississippi, comeback sauce.  There are so many other fantastic Mississippi delicacies that i feel would have been better suited, though probably harder to stick in the mail (WWYD if you found a catfish in your mailbox??)


Do you have any favorite magazines or cashback sites to share?


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