ipsy Glam Bag- July 2015

This is just my second month of ipsy, but one of the bags I look most forward to.  For only $10 I get not only an adorable bag, but samples, too?!  Sign me up (well, obviously I took care of that).

I’m lucky that my mail carrier brings stuff by before I’ve usually even left the house for today, but I was extra surprised when I went to leave at 8:45 this morning and already had mail.  Yay small town!  I sent the kids to run down the driveway and check the box while I buckled baby in the van and when I heard, “You got one of the shiny ones!” I knew it had to be ipsy.
  Just look at that $10 bag!
 This is Teeez Read My Lips Lipstick in Killing Me Softly.  I thought the color was pretty “meh” when I saw it in the tube, but loved it on.  I’m more of a matte finish kind of girl, so I appreciate the subtlety of this.  A light pop of color that stays for a long time.  I put mine on right out of the bag, around 9 AM, and as of 4 PM it was still going. Next up, I got OFRA Eyeshadow and Highlighter in Bliss.  It’s light and shimmery and looks like a perfect summer color that will transition beautifully into fall.  Double-sided brush from Crown Brush.  I’m always happy to get a makeup brush in a bag, because I don’t have too many and it helps me to easily build my stash.  This is a two in one.  Bonus! Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo lip conditioner in Vanilla Coconut.  The smell is reminiscent of the tanning oil my mom used when I was a child, back when everyone pretended that staying in the sun for hours with a thick smearing of oil was totally healthy.  The lip conditioner is slightly greasy, but not so much that it bothers me.  I like it, but have a feeling my husband will say, “What’s that smell?” as soon as he walks in the door because it is pretty strong stuff.

I’ve been getting lots of suncare items in bags this month, naturally since it IS summer.  However the make-up I wear daily has built in SPF, so I’ve yet to try many of them out.  This will go into our beach bag for emergency face sunscreen.  I like the smell of this one, and it’s lightweight as the packaging suggests, however I disagree with the statement that it’s non-greasy.  It has a definite slippery feel to it.
  Again, the bag.  Isn’t it just gorgeous??

 Did you like your ipsy this month?  What was in your bag?


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