Birchbox- July 2015

My friend Sarah has been texting me lately to ask, “Have you gotten your BIRCHBOX yet??”  Until this morning, I had to say no.  When I did get it, however, I was on my way out the door so I didn’t get to dive in for several hours.  I knew Sarah was on the edge of her seat, just waiting for me to get this month’s box of goodies, so I had to let her know it had arrived safe and sound.IMG_7515

She was rendered speechless when she asked how I liked it and I told her I’d not yet had a chance to open it, because come on, how can you get a package and wait 6 hours to open it?! ;P

When I finally got a chance to un-box it and take a look, I wasn’t disappointed.  Well, maybe a small bit, but I think that’s because some of my preferences have changed and I’m completely over getting SPF anything in my boxes.  How many ways can I really use a small bottle of sunscreen?


IMG_7517 IMG_7518

Last month, my box arrived with the top to the eyeliner seated on the opposite end, leaving the eyeliner exposed.  When it got to me, everything in my box was coated in a beautiful turquoise and the eyeliner was pretty much a goner.  I contacted BIRCHBOX customer service, who promised to send a replacement eyeliner out immediately.  They let me know that it is their goal to have every box arrive undamaged, so while they could not entirely replace this box, they would send my next month’s free of charge.


Contents this month included:

Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray- I tried this right out of the box, on dry hair.  Unfortunately, it did not make me look like i’d just left the beach or have freshly tousled hair.  Maybe it’s my hair?  I’ll try again later.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel-  This is an acid-free peel that I am excited to try.  I love skincare goodies in boxes, more than I love getting make-up, so I was happy to see this one in there.  I’ll be locking myself in the bathroom with a magazine and bloody mary once the kids are in bed and working some magic on my face.

stila Look at Me liquid lipstick trio- I was too slow in choosing my sample color, but fortunately I’m fine with whatever.  I ended up with venezia, an orangeish pink, and it looks surprisingly well with my olive complexion.

IMG_7519IMG_7522I swatched a bit on my arm to show the color, and put some on my lips as well.  I had a crazy hard time getting the lip color off of my hand with soap and water!  I take it this is truly a long lasting lip color, and I’m so cool with that.  When I wear make-up, I apply once and not again.  Do people really have time to touch up their makeup throughout the day?  I like that this seems like it’ll last a long while and can just be spruced up with a little bit of lip balm on top.

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35- This blended in nicely with my skin.  I’m sure I will use it eventually, but every box I’ve gotten this month has at least one supergoop product, and I’d love to try something new!

theBalm cosmetics Balm Desert- This is a blush and bronzer in one, another popular item I’ve gotten a lot of this summer.  I like the light shimmery look and will definitely try it out on a day I don’t feel like rocking my stila all over shimmer.

I’m pretty happy with this month’s BIRCHBOX.  At $10 a month, I’m always pleased with the contents.  Even if there’s 1-2 things I won’t use, the value is still there.

Have you gotten this month’s box?  What did you get??


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