Thrift store haul 7/18/15

Since moving to the middle of nowhere, the most thrift days I’ve been able to squeeze into a week has been two; most weeks I only make it out once.  If I can only go to one place, I go to this one.

I despised it for so long before I started selling on eBay.  It’s cash only, there are no dressing rooms, and it’s always packed. Back then I was a hobby thrifter; now that it’s part of my job I can’t afford to be so picky.  Despite my issues with this store, it’s most certainly what I’d call my honey hole, and based on the amount of other resellers lurking here on a daily basis, I’m not the only one.

When we go, it typically takes 2-3 hours to pick stuff up, decide if we want to keep it, put back what we don’t want, tally up the total and grab cash from the ATM and check out.  With three kids.  It’s not as fun as it sounds…

In spite of the panic attack that’s just one back bump from a shopping cart away, the five of us spend 2-3 hours here.  To make up for it, the kids usually end up bringing a book or toy home for themselves and then get to go out for lunch.  Aaron and Charlotte usually grab one basket and head off in search of tools, electronics, and instruments, while I take a cart and Eli and Eva and we focus on toys, clothes, and collectibles.  Today wasn’t as exciting as many trips, but we did get some great finds that will potentially result in a good return of investment.  Our total spent was $102.47; this includes a few personal items. Here’s just what we got to sell, and how much we paid for it!

All of the goodies. Not nearly as much as usual, and not quite as exciting

Terry Hale Commercial Cash Flow System- $9.90
I’m not going to lie, I don’t really know what the fuck these are.  Not only that, but I paid $4.95 each.  When I looked at completed listings on ebay, there had only been three packages of these listed/sold in the last 60-90 days, and all actually sold.  Unfortunately, eBay really needs some work on their app.  When I checked this out on the ebay mobile app, it said it had sold for $245.  When I checked on my computer, it shows that a best offer was accepted; it does not give information as to how much that best offer was, only that it was accepted.  I plan to list the two of these together for $150.

Impac Massager- $5.95
We have done very well with heavy duty personal massagers (not to be confused with yo’ mama’s Hitachi Wand).  This was not a brand I’d dealt with before, but it was heavy and felt to be quality made.  Based on completed listings in the $40-50 range, it seemed to be a good, quick flip.  I will list at $44.99.

Lisa Frank Binder $1.95
Did you know that there’s an entire subculture of grown-ass women who freak out over Lisa Frank stuff?  There is.  I always keep my eyes open for anything Lisa Frank, new or old, and it always sells.  The last time I listed a new in box stationary set for $39.99, it sold within 30 minutes of listing.  This binder has a few minor cosmetic issues, but I will still list it at $39.99 and see what it does.

FJ Cruiser 2006 Scale Model- $9.95
I seem to be pretty good at flubbing things up when I can.  I get overly ambitious and buy something based on what I’m seeing completed listings going for.  This model was $9.95 and completed listings I saw went for $60-90, so I considered it worth the gamble. Of course, the store that we go to tapers all packages shut and has a no return policy so you never REALLY know what you’re buying until you get home.  I unboxed this man-baby toy and found that the lights on top were broken off due to someone over zealously shoving it into the package.  I’ll still attempt to unload it in the $40-50 range (with shipping).  The profit won’t be that great, but it will help me feel better than simply re-donating and losing $10.

Teisco EP-8T Hollow Body Guitar- $39.95
This was our big score today.  I like to find one thing a week that will sell for $200+, and this was it.  Aaron spotted it as soon as we walked in, looked it up, made the purchase, and put it in the van before anyone else had a chance to grab the thing.  There is some minor cosmetic stuff, but it seems these go in the $2-375 range.  We’re going to list locally for $300 and try to save ourselves the hassle of packaging and shipping.  We’ve done many drums in the past, but guitars seem like they’d be a bigger pain to pack and ship.

Giant Duff Beer Can- $4.95
Living in Florida, I seem to have access to lots of goodies from Universal Studios and Disney World.  This 27″ stuffed Duff Beer can came from Universal and looks to pull in $20-30.  Should I have bought a $4.95 item that will only net me $10-15 in profit?  No.  Will it be a huge pain in the ass to ship?  Yes.  Did the ebay app deceive me once again?  Fuck yeah it did.  This one may be listed locally for $20.  Hopefully there’s someone in a 20 mile radius that just needs a giant, stuffed can of Duff beer of their own.

So we spent $72.65 total on these 7 items, and stand to sell them for $555.  As a top rated seller, eBay only takes 9% of my net sales, that would be about $49.95 if all of these items were sol on their platform.  Paypal then takes 3%, $16.65 in this instance.  So before shipping costs, we’re looking at $415.75 in profit for out 2.5 hour trip to the thrift store.  Not bad for a day’s work!


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