Glossybox- July 2015

Glossybox is a subscription based beauty discovery company that sends out deluxe and high end samples to subscribers once per month.  The cost per month is $21, and each month you earn Glossydots for submitting surveys/feedback on the products you’ve received.  I especially love subscription boxes with rewards programs like this because it makes it even easier to earn free boxes!  I always anticipate the arrival of a box, but I was really looking forward to Glossybox, as last month’s was fantastic and clued me in to lots of products I wouldn’t know about otherwise.  They make it even more fun by making the unboxing experience so delightful in their cute, pull tab mailing box.    Inside is always neatly wrapped and you can tell they put a great level of detail and care into each package.  This month’s product selection, however, left me less excited once I lifted the lid.  I’m sure these are all fantastic products, they’re just not quite “me”. That being said, I do like that they send larger samples and more face care stuff than make-up. Check out what was in this month’s Glossybox!

Sesha Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Anti-wrinkle Mask ($9)– There was a tip on the product card to store this in the refrigerator to keep the mask at its most potent, and for a nice cooling sensation.  So I did.  Then I freaked out and thought I lost the damn thing because it wasn’t in my box and ohmygodthebabyateitorithrewitaway!  My very level-headed husband reminded me that I’d stuck it in the fridge.  Duh. I knew that.  But really?  A mask for mature skin?  Is 31 the new mature?  I decided to give it a shot anyways and actually enjoyed the results.  My skin felt tightened and brightened, and as an added bonus I got to scare the crap out of my 9 year old.  Clearly I should be wearing more masks…at bedtime…in the dark. Would I pay $9 for one of these?  Maybe.  Just don’t tell my husband because he’d think that’s a little silly.

Kueshi Anticelluite Booster (Full size! $22.50)- Call me a skeptic, but I don’t really get down with miracle cures and body wraps and cellulite creams.  Plus I somehow don’t have cellulite, despite my fluffy frame.  I opened it to give it a whiff and it doesn’t even have a redeeming scent, so I’ll be passing this along to someone more willing to massage their lumps away.

 Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm ($5.50)-   This is a smooth gliding peppermint lip balm.  There was no graininess or other weirdness I’ve felt in other natural lip balms before.  Since I tend to need chronic lip moisturization while I’m nursing a baby, I’m always happy for more lip balm.

Hey Honey I Peel Good! ($29.50)- While the tube looks small, this is actually a pretty generous sample, as the full size is only 1 oz. and retails for $59.  It has a delicious honey scent to it and goes on smooth and not oily.  The instruction card says to make sure to continuously massage this in for 2-3 minutes and I’m glad they included this tidbit on there because I probably wouldn’t have done that otherwise.

Face Stockholm Eye Pencil ($8.50)- I got a beautiful turquoisey-blue color.  The eyeliner slides on smoothly and looks great. No complaints here.  Check it out below.

Even though I wasn’t initially super excited about this box, it’s growing on me.   For $21 I got $75 worth of products; that’s some pretty amazing value!  Two of the products were full-sized (lip balm and anticellulite cream) and the rest would fall under the deluxe sample category, being at least half size samples.  I look forward to continuing my Glossybox subscription and seeing what I’ll get next month!

If you’d like to check out Glossybox, now’s a great time to jump in for next month’s box.  All links are referral links and any subscriptions through these links would be awesome (for me!)

How did you feel about this month’s box?  Is anti-cellulite cream something you anticipate using?

Bonus! Here’s me being a jerk and torturing my crotch spawn with the effective, but very creepy looking, Sesha mask.


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