1UpBox- July 2015


1UpBox is a monthly geek/gamer subscription.  It starts at $12.92/mo. plus $6 shipping, with discounts for longer subscriptions.  Right now you can save $3 off of your first 1UpBox by using code AWESOME at check out.


Even though this is one box that doesn’t come for me, it’s still one of my favorites!  My 9 year old gets so excited knowing that this box of goodies is going to show up once a month, and it’s right up his alley.  Unlike other boxes in the geek/gamer genre, 1UpBox seems to be the most all ages friendly, with a focus on superheroes and games that meet a more all ages requirement.  Each month, 1UpBox promises 5-8 items for $18.92 shipped. Each box also includes an exclusively designed t-shirt for 1UpBox.  This helps me justify spending almost $20 a month on character emblazoned gear for my little nerdling.The theme for July 2015 is Justice, and this box features goodies from lots of the “good guys”


A content card is included each month showing the variations that people will receive in their boxes.  This month everyone got the same thing except for Justice League Wind Ups and TMNT Pencil toppers; a variety of these were sent out, making each box slightly different.


Here are the seven goodies we received this month.


Like previous months, this month’s t-shirt was a mash-up of characters.  Each shirt is exclusive to 1UpBox, which makes it all the more fun to get and wear!  We order a size youth medium for my 9 year old and it fits perfectly.


Batman Sunglasses by Sun-staches ($12.99)– These are too cute and will be great for protecting from the summer sun.  Packaging says they are made for ages 14+, and  they are a tad big on my 9 year old, but that doesn’t stop him from wearing them.

TMNT Turtle Pencil Topper ($1.89?)- The closest I could come to finding a price for these was from a party store and they were being sold for $1.89 each.  While not totally practical, these are cute.  My son has already found different ways to utilize his, his favorite being as a gigantic head on a LEGO mini-figure body!

Justice League Wind-Ups ($10?)- We received the Batman version of this; there were six other options that could have been received.  I’m guessing at the MSRP here, having a hard time finding this.  The Batman winds up and marches across a flat surface.

0101UpBox Exclusive Justice Tattoos (?)- 1UpBox includes several exclusives each month, which makes it hard to put a value on things.  For all intents and purposes, I’m going with $1.50 for these.  My kiddos love temporary tattoos, so these will go in our ever-growing stack.

Princess 007- Princess Leia/James Bond mash-up magnet.  Let’s call it $1?  Whatever you want to call it, it got stuck to the fridge immediately out of t he box.

Monthly Pin- I’m not even going to try and put a value on the pin.  They send a themed pin each month.


 As with the last three months, 1UpBox has been a complete hit in our house.  Excluding the t-shirt, and including my completely made up numbers, I’ve got a value of about $27.38 on this box.  This is one of those boxes that I focus less on value and more on joy.  My kiddo loves it; he gets cool stuff that he can only get here and gets to be the envy of his friends with his growing t-shirt collection.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to get your own 1UpBox subscription, use code AWESOME for $3 off your first month!


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