bluum- July 2015


bluum is a monthly subscription box for babies and toddlers that is curated to your child’s age and developmental milestones.  The box we received is for an 8 month old girl who can lunge forward or crawl.  bluum gives you the option of selecting up to three milestones that your child has achieved, in order to better personalize the box. You can use code SAVE65 to get your first box for $9.95 shipped! After that, the box is $29.95 per month.



This is my first month receiving the box at full price.  Last month’s box was obtained using a code for a $9.95 box.  I decided that I wanted to receive one full priced box to see if there was any difference in content quality or ARV.  This month’s box contained four items.


Toysmith Teether Ball ($6.99)- This is a small, squishy ball with knobs that make it easy for baby to hold and chew on.  Ours has a cloyingly sweet scent to it and Eva has shown no interest so far.  We already have lots of other balls and I think she prefers the ones she can grasp by putting her fingers through them to this style.

Ah Goo Baby Kneekers ($14.95)- These are basically knee pads for he newly crawling baby to help provide traction and cushion for their knees.  Eva has been crawling for a while and is on the petite side.  I put these on her and they stayed on for approximately 5 minutes before sliding completely off of her legs.  Not the manufacturer’s fault I have a scrawny baby, but unfortunately not a good fit for us due to baby’s size and the small window of time we’d be able to use these.



Angel Dear Owl Blankie in Pink ($13.00)- This is a super soft owl lovey, meant to be cuddled and snuggled and carried around.  I can see this soon being a big hit in our house, as Eva has a small obsession with tags and chewing on things that aren’t necessarily meant to chew on.  I love how soft it is!

Small Senses ‘What Can I See?’ Board book ($3.99)- Short and sweet, just like a board book for an infant should be.  The illustrations are cute and the writing quaint, but I prefer more rhyming and repetition stories for my children at this age.

The total value for this month’s box, per the email sent from bluum giving information and prices on each, is $38.93.  Considering that this box is curated monthly for each child, the value is decent.  Unfortunately, the products haven’t really worked with my family.  It may be because Eva is my third and I already have lots of baby stuff, but I have a hard time paying $13 for a lovey, or buying a $15 novelty item like the Ah Goo Kneekers.  If you’re on your first child, or it’s been a while since you’ve been in the baby stage, this may be a fun subscription box for you.  We have decided to end this subscription and check out Citrus Lane next month.


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